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Unwrapping the New Year: A Guide to Updating Your Home Inventory After the Holidays!

The holiday season has come and gone, leaving behind memories of joy, laughter, and perhaps a pile of exciting gifts. As you bask in the glow of those special moments, it's the perfect time to take a proactive step to safeguard your treasures—update your household inventory!

Did you receive a cutting-edge tech gadget, a dazzling piece of jewelry, or a cozy addition to your home during the festivities? Every new item holds sentimental and material value, making it essential to include them in your updated home inventory.

Why is this important, you ask? Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date inventory ensures that your insurance coverage adequately reflects the value of your possessions. Don't let the thrill of those new gifts fade without documenting them!

Getting Started:

- Begin now: Start listing your possessions, even if the information is incomplete.

- Detail is key: Include receipts, descriptions, and photos, starting with new purchases.

- Organize logically: Group items by room or hobby for easier tracking.

- Specifics matter: Note details like serial numbers for accurate valuation.

- Record major items: Keep detailed records of antiques, jewelry, major appliances, and collector’s items.

- Store purchase invoices: Scan and save invoices for large items as proof of ownership may be required.

📸 Capturing Your Inventory:

- Photograph or videotape: Document each room, including closets, storage areas, and drawers. Label and date these visuals.

- Digital storage: Save records on your computer or in email archives for easy access.

Storing Your Inventory List:

- Safe deposit box: Keep a copy here.

- Fireproof container: Store another copy in a secure, fire-resistant container.

- Share with trusted contacts: Give a copy to a family member who doesn't live with you.

- Provide to your insurance agent: File a copy with your insurance agent for reference.

- Workplace backup: Email a copy to your workplace.

- Personal email storage: Keep an electronic version in your personal email for universal access.

Updating Your Inventory:

- Annual updates: Regularly update your inventory to include new items and remove old ones.

- Immediate updates for high-value items: Make immediate updates for significant purchases.


Ensuring your home inventory is up-to-date and well-documented not only guarantees adequate insurance coverage but also contributes to a smoother claims process. Take these steps for peace of mind in the new year and protect what matters most!

Do you need an inventory form? Reach out to Poole & Jackson Insurance Agency, we'd be happy to assist you.


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