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Busting Homeowners Insurance Myths: Get the Real Deal with Poole & Jackson!

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Hey there, savvy homeowners! At Poole & Jackson Insurance Agency, we're all about giving you the insider scoop on homeowners insurance. Let's face it – insurance can sometimes feel like wandering through a maze. But fear not! In this blog post, we're here to obliterate the smoke and mirrors surrounding homeowners insurance myths. Buckle up, because we're about to unravel the truth and empower you to navigate the insurance jungle like a pro.

**1. Not All Possessions Are Created Equal**

Picture this: You're covered for your belongings, right? Not so fast! While your homeowners insurance does have your back, there's a catch. High-value items like blingy jewelry, stunning art, and collectibles might need some extra love – read: additional coverage – to be fully protected.

**2. Floods: The Unwelcome Guest**

You might think your insurance has your back when it comes to floods. Well, think again! Ordinary homeowners insurance is like a no-show when the floodwaters start rising. To keep your home high and dry, you'll want to snag a separate flood insurance policy. Don't let Mother Nature catch you off guard!

**3. Market Value vs. Rebuild Cost**

Hold up – your house's market value doesn't equal the rebuild cost? Bingo! Your homeowners insurance is all about rebuilding the dream if disaster strikes, not how much your place could fetch in a bidding war.

**4. Hustling from Home? Business Not As Usual**

Got a side hustle buzzing in your living room? Don't assume your homeowners insurance is in on the secret. It's time to bring in the reinforcements – aka, a business insurance policy tailored for your entrepreneurial escapades.

**5. The Not-So-Natural Disaster Truth**

Newsflash: Not all natural disasters are created equal in the eyes of your insurance. While some, like windstorms, are covered, others like earthquakes and hurricanes need their own VIP pass in the form of separate policies or add-ons.

**6. The Wear and Tear Trap**

Guess what? Your insurance isn't your DIY handyman. Regular upkeep and the slow march of time aren't its jam. Think of homeowners insurance as the superhero swooping in for sudden and accidental damage – not everyday wear and tear.

**7. Personal Liability: Beyond Your Backyard**

Whoa, your personal liability coverage is like a secret agent. It doesn't just hang out at home; it follows you around. Got an oopsie that ends in someone else's boo-boo? It's got your back, whether you're at home or out on the town.

**8. Oops, No Home-Based Injury Safety Net**

Imagine your home's got a trampoline, and fun turns into a trip to the ER. You'd think your insurance would swoop in, right? Not quite. While it's great for some things, it won't magically cover injuries to you and your crew. Keep those acrobatics safe!

**9. Upgrades: More Than Meets the Eye**

Channeling your inner Chip and Jo with those upgrades? Kudos! But hold up – your insurance policy might not get the memo. Those fancy changes could mean an insurance tweak is in order to keep everything on the up and up.

**10. Shaky Ground: Earthquake Coverage**

Don't let your homeowners insurance give you the ol' earthquake shoulder shrug. Earthquake coverage isn't part of the standard package. If you're living on shaky ground, make sure you're securing a separate earthquake insurance policy. Safety first, folks!

You're officially armed with knowledge, thanks to Poole & Jackson Insurance Agency. The truth is out, and the myths are busted. Ready to dive into the realm of homeowners insurance without the fog of misinformation? We're just a call away at (248)443-0000. Drop us a line and let's chat about the perfect homeowners insurance for your castle. Your future self will thank you for getting the scoop from the pros!


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